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Full packages, professional Web Development Services at Nam Digital

Do you know, Website is always the best channel to Growth Business, especially website build by WordPress because of its rapid development, fully functional and supportive communities. Follow this trend, Nam Digital proudly introducing to you our Website development services

Our value proposition

Rapid development, can be easily deloy and applicable

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Websites made by Nam always focus on speed, SEO Optimized, easily to operate and administration, easily expand and build more functions

Dịch vụ thiết kế website WordPress chuyên nghiệp tại Nam Digital

Give professional consulting and transform your website become the best selling channel for your business

Build, Deploy and provide Web development Service with Reliable Price  

All you need to do is grow your business and make more sales. Nam Digital will provide web development services with the best quality guaranteed, make your website perform impressive in front of customer’s eyes and strengthen your brand awareness. Not only that, Nam also provide consulting services to ensure your Website worth every coin of your investment, make your website efficiently and optimizing, because it’s one of Nam’s core mission

Nam have lot of experiences with every kind of websites

Ecommerce Website

Nam have a lot of experiences with every kind of websites, I also completed WordPress projects with fundamental mindset and strictly follow WordPress Best practices

Nam provide solution not only easy to manage and integrate but valuable to your Online Business

WordPress is the most popular and wonderful solution for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises)

WordPress is the most popular and wonderful solution for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). It captures over 40% of the global website market, and with a large and intelligent community of plugins and extensions, it’s easy to use and always the top choice for SMEs.

This is because WordPress has been developed for a long time with many plugins and has significant performance improvements in the Block Editor. With this latest version of WordPress, users have the freedom to create content and expand their block capacity according to their needs. Building a website is as simple as piecing together blocks.

Nam personally believes that currently, most information, blogging and SEO marketing needs for products can be fulfilled by using WordPress. This is also the experience of many years working in WordPress website design services. With the combination of Woocommerce and WordPress’s optimal sharing of information, online business for SMEs becomes much easier and flexible.

WordPress also manages large traffic volume well with simple interaction such as reading news, blogging or online shopping. If you’re interested, the article will discuss more about the benefits of using WordPress for SMEs.

WordPress also handles large-scale traffic very well with simple interactions such as reading news, blogs or online shopping.

If you are interested, this article will show the scalability of Woocommerce (a powerful selling plugin of WordPress).

The sky is the limit, as we have seen shops with over 100,000 products listed, handling thousands of transactions per minute with proper hosting support and optimization from their own developer team.


This quote also showcases the power and scalability of Woocommerce and WordPress. However, with the rise of web and native app development, the market share of WordPress has decreased relatively, but that doesn’t mean it has drawbacks.

A decisive advantage is the cost to operate an e-commerce website on the WordPress platform is very affordable. This is completely in line with the philosophy of Nam, which provides the most intelligent, fast and reliable WordPress web design services at an affordable price in Hanoi. You only need to buy a Flatsome or Genesis Framework theme and it will run well. Then, the work is just to train the staff to use the tools and Page Builder for good results and online recognition can be smoothly operated.

Nam cung cấp những dịch vụ chăm sóc Website sau bán hàng linh hoạt

You always realize that improving a website is not enough, many other online marketing activities are needed to reach readers. Understanding this pressing need, Nam provides a Full-Services solution, specifically optimizing your website for better performance and truly marketing it to potential readers/customers.


Website Design at Nam Digital

Basic Package

  • Custom Designed WordPress Website
  • Free Consultation
  • SMTP Mailserver Setup
  • Free Advice
  • Woocommerce Development

Pro Package

  • 1 Year Hosting Rental
  • Custom Designed Website
  • Woocommerce Development
  • Free Advice

VIP Package

  • 1 Year Hosting Rental
  • Custom Designed Website
  • Woocommerce Development
  • Brand Identity Development
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