AI Magic: Best free AI tools for Digital Marketing

If you are looking for the best free AI tools for digital marketing, you might be overwhelmed by the number of options available. However, not all are equally effective or suitable for your needs. To help you narrow down your choices, we have compiled a list of 11 AI tools that can help you with various aspects of digital marketing, such as content creation, social media management, email marketing, SEO, and more. Here are the 8 best free AI tools for digital marketing in 2024:

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Flick: Best for creating engaging Social media Content

– Flick: This is a powerful platform that uses AI to help you create engaging social media content in minutes. You can use Flick’s AI Social Assistant to generate captions, hashtags, and content ideas based on your topic and brand voice. You can also schedule your posts and analyze their performance with Flick’s analytics feature.

With a price of $11 each month, it will boost your Social Media engagement to the next level!

Grammarly: Best for error-checking, avoid plagiarism

– Grammarly: This popular tool uses AI to help you write clear, error-free, and persuasive web and marketing content. Grammarly checks your spelling, grammar, punctuation, tone, and readability, and offers suggestions to improve your writing. You can also use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker to ensure your content is original and avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines.

For non-native speakers, using Grammarly can make your life dramatically easier. You can write freely, and the AI will care for the rest.

“DeepL is the best option for translating your content and achieving globalization.”

– DeepL: This is a fast and accurate tool that uses AI to translate text between 26 languages. DeepL supports both formal and informal language styles and preserves the meaning and tone of the original text. You can use DeepL to translate your web pages, blog posts, emails, social media posts, and other marketing materials to reach a global audience.

Surfer SEO: Best for Content Creation and Automation Marketing

– Surfer SEO: This is a powerful tool that uses AI to help you optimize your web content for SEO. Surfer SEO analyzes the top-ranking pages for your target keywords and provides data-driven recommendations to improve your content’s relevance, structure, length, readability, and more. You can also use Surfer SEO’s content editor to write SEO-friendly content from scratch or edit your existing content.


– Brand24: This is a comprehensive tool that uses AI to help you monitor your online reputation and measure your social media performance. Brand24 tracks the mention of your brand, products, competitors, and keywords across the web and social media platforms. It also provides sentiment analysis, influencer identification, trend analysis, and reports to help you understand and improve your online presence.


– Chatfuel: This is a user-friendly tool that uses AI to help you create and manage chatbots for Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Chatfuel allows you to build chatbots without coding, using templates, drag-and-drop elements, and integrations with popular platforms. You can use Chatfuel’s chatbots to automate customer service, generate leads, drive sales, collect feedback, and more.

One of the great features of this tool is the ability to create chat flows, which allows you to create scenarios for each persona, identifying their pain points, providing solutions, and encouraging them to take action.

[best free AI tools for digital marketing]Hubspot: Comprehensive set of AI tools for Digital Marketing

Hubspot: This is a well-known tool that uses AI to help you manage your entire marketing funnel. Hubspot offers a range of features for CRM, email marketing, landing pages, webinars, social media marketing, blogging, SEO, analytics, and more. Hubspot also provides personalized recommendations, insights, and automation to help you grow your traffic, leads, and conversions.

Using Hubspot features for a long time, I like an AI generate content, it makes my life easier when composing emails, creating high-converted Email titles to capture more views and clicks

best free ai tools for digital marketing HubSpot title generate AI

In the picture above, I’m using generate AI to create high-engaging titles which can easily increase my CTR!

Generate AI is also very helpful for creating blog posts, which can boost your creativity to the next level, all you can do is type your pop-in topics, and an AI Generate AI will do the rest. it makes you focus on your core contents and what you want to present, removing unnecessary manual work (Which does not increase your income)

If you want to create engaging and effective blog posts for your business, you might want to consider using AI tools to help you. AI can assist you with various aspects of content creation, such as generating headlines, finding relevant keywords, optimizing your SEO, and more. One of the AI tools that you can use is Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator. This tool can help you come up with catchy and creative blog titles based on your topic or keyword. You can also dig deeper into Hubspot’s content marketing platform to access more features and resources, such as the Content Strategy Tool, the SEO Recommendations Tool, and the Blog Post Editor. These tools can help you plan, write, and optimize your blog posts for your target audience and search engines. Hubspot is a powerful and user-friendly AI tool that can help you generate high-quality blog posts for your business.

After generating headlines it will fill your content as well, all you need to do is change images, Optimize when switching the Optimize tab

If you want to know more about Hubspot, click this link to see their pricing and plans

The CRM Platform Built for Small Businesses

HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that’s built differently — empowering small businesses or startups like yours with the essential tools, education, and support you need for marketing, sales, website management, customer service, and operations.


To conclude, competitive AI tools are not a threat to human workers, but a boon to human creativity and productivity. By using AI as your powerful weapon, you can build your business faster, cheaper, and better. You can cut out labor costs and focus on the core value of your business. You can also unleash your creativity and innovation with the help of AI. Therefore, you should embrace AI as a partner, not a competitor, in the world of business.

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