Review of Commerce Hub Features in Hubspot Toolset

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Overview of Commerce Hub in Hubspot

If you are familiar with Hubspot, you will not be surprised by the Commerce Hub product set, a great set of features that makes it easy to record orders from e-commerce activities. Some utilities of Commerce Hub include:

  • Create Payment Link: Sending a payment link to customers offers many convenient values, not only applicable to ordinary e-commerce products but also helps digitize and record revenue from service products.
  • Transaction Email Software: As Nam has shared in the Hubspot series, using Hubspot’s tracking code-enabled Email allows Nam to check customer interaction levels and make necessary adjustments accordingly. With the above-mentioned great feature, it is now upgraded to a new level with the integration of direct payment capability in Emails.
  • Directly quoting orders from wholesale and retail with very convenient integrated Quote functionality.
Integrating Payment link makes the quoting and emailing process to customers more convenient than ever.
Conveniently interact with customers thanks to the integration of Payment link into Emails and quotes.

Introduction to Hubspot

Hubspot was founded in 2004 with the main mission of helping millions of organizations grow better. Along with that, this unit also provides many tools to perform inbound marketing.

Recently, as a leader in providing AI solutions in Marketing and digital transformation activities, Hubspot has launched many convenient AI features, which you can learn more about here.

Introduction to Hubspot Commerce Hub

Commerce Software allows you to integrate the always complex e-commerce flow into your Website, as well as synchronize with many important steps in Online purchasing activities such as: Quoting, payment, reporting, and most importantly synchronizing with target customers.

Personally, Nam highly appreciates the power of Commerce Hub, as it is a powerful weapon for any business owner or Digital Marketer. The important thing is to focus on the product, create content, and let the infrastructure and operations be handled by experts. The latest update of this product is that it now integrates Stripe – Making Credit card payments easier than ever (In Vietnam, using Paypal is enough).

Nam’s Review

According to Nam, Commerce Hub will help increase the order recording process and revenue recognition in a very breakthrough manner. However, with Stripe not yet supporting Vietnam, it is still a bit early to completely switch revenue calculation methods to this software.

According to Nam, it is best to use the Quote, Payment Link features of Commerce Hub by using Paypal, even though the customer behavior in Vietnam does not focus on this payment method, it is relatively popular abroad.

On the other hand, if you deploy the Ecommerce segment with the foreign market, integrating the duo

  • Stripe
  • Paypal

Will help accurately record orders and revenue with Hubspot Commerce Hub, thus providing more accurate conversion recognition (which will bring great optimization capability for multi-channel advertising activities). Moreover, Stripe also offers a Free package, providing a great payment solution for customers using this package (Currently Nam does not have the need to expand to a new package).


With great features and smart integration with existing Hubspot products, Commerce Hub is a significant addition to your powerful multi-channel Online Marketing solutions.

Quickly register for Commerce Hub to unlock great potential for your business activities.

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